Sunday, March 15, 2009

Twilight Blood Episode 4 - Dude Where's My Blood?

In this episode reviews of The Night Stalker, Let the Right One In, Supernatural and Castaways by Brian Keene. News from the world of horror.

Our songs for this episode were provided by the Podsafe Network at Our featured songs were Wolfman from Cakeyface, Zombie TV Live by the B-Movie Brits and closing song is Horror Movie by the Kits.

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That's it for this Episode of Twilight Blood. Join us next week for a review of Bryan Smith's novel, Soultaker, the movie Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter and more news that goes bump in the night.

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  1. Let The Right One In was so damn good. I've been telling everyone about it - thanks for the rec on that :)


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